Friday, February 4, 2011

Preparing for yet MORE snow!

Thanks the good Lord that the DH is able to clear snow. 

The great news is that the weather does not seem to slow anyone down here in NH.

I have been busy helping the DH. WE are going to move my sewing room into another larger room and to prepare for it we are adding a tongue in grove ceiling to match the rest of the house and BIG bookcases to hold all the fabric now on the floor.I am very excited but the big move will not be for another few weeks.

I had done a Churn Dash Block for the SooNippi Guild's Auction Quilt and found out that they were short blocks yesterday. Today - I spent the afternoon doing two more for the ladies doing the assembly. Here they are:

I am pleased with the outcome. I can not wait to see the final quilt.

I guess that I will wait to see how much snow we will get tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Ground Hog Day!!

With 6 more inches of snow yesterday, our hand stitching group was canceled. I had hoped to deliver the three Linus Quilts to a friend who brought them to me, but no luck.

Here is the front of major lesson #1 - there is some ripple you can never quilt out!!

I knew that the border did not look square. Matter of fact, it had a decent ripple in it. Because the quilt was on point, I hoped I could make it work. That was not to be. I was pleased with the free motion but the quilt was not up to what I had hoped it would be. The back does  look OK.

Just majorly disappointed. :-(. Talked to the gals in Maine who collected the tops - they will need to do some creative bindings!! The Border was a sheet and the quilt was "on Point" (clearly stretched when the border was applied). It is all a part of my learning curve.

Heavy snow will arrive today (12"- 24" - who knows!! ). Would love to sew but think I will help Ken, the DH, do some staining of wood and installation of said wood!!  Stay warm everyone!