Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Tale of fabrics

In my last post, I showed a picture of a fantastically fun quilt I made for myself. I needed a great present for my son's thirteth birthday and decided he needed something warm and cuddly for his couch. Solution?? Yup - you guessed it. I am doing him a large lap quilt for his living room. I chose the Bali Brown Sugar ten inch squares. It had wonderful colors in it - beautiful teals to warm browns.

I have just started it but I just wanted to show you all that fabric choice always will change the look and feel of your quilt. Here is a quick picture of the arrangement so far of the squares. I have not even trimmed them yet, so they look a bit ragged but hopefully you will get the feel of what I wish to accomplish with this quilt. 

As you can see - I have a WONDERFUL design wall!! My sewing room has no walls that are floor to ceiling, so I routinely commandeer the bed in the guest room. 

Yes this is the exact same pattern used for the Bright Quilt in my last post. There are a few subtle differences other than the obvious color choices, I made this one from 42 - 10 inch squares where as the bright on was made from 30 - 10 inch squares. This one will be 7 rows 6 columns while the bright one is 6 rows 5 columns. 

In preparing for this quilt, I made 6 piles of seven related fabrics - two piles of light, two piles of medium teal and lighter browns and two piles of the very dark browns, teals and a few blacks. I did add a few additional batik fabrics to make my 42 squares. For the arrangement, I chose to place the lights in the center of the quilt followed on either side the mediums and then the darks. 

The look and feel is so different - but I like them both. I did break down and purchase the jelly roll of the Brown Sugar so that I could add a similar border to the one I used in the Bright Quilt. I will post more when I have the center completed.