Monday, February 25, 2013

Long Arm Ruler Work

I have been accumulating several rulers for long arm ruler work. I had the notion of doing a complete quilt with just straight lines. So .... Here are some thoughts on that!

I need my head examined - lol!!

Here was what I got accomplished on this Christmas Santa Quilt Kit from a LQS that included a panel. I am not generally a fan of panels but this one was cute and afforded me lots of squares that I could practice my straight line ruler work on. The Pinwheels and the square inside a square surrounding the panel were the easiest to decide what I should do on them. They "spoke to me" as just simple outlines - because I wanted to be simple if I needed to undo anythink that got done!!. The squares were 6" finished so not too large and would fare well with not a lot of quilting in my opinion.

The panel was a bit more tricky. As there some printed squares and several Santa blocks, I followed the idea to do a simple outline in those printed blocks following the pattern in the six inch blocks. Again going fro  simplicity and practice!

The Santa Blocks got a simple outline first. Then I filled in the navy background with small to medium stippling. The Santa needed something as well, so I did some free motion quilting on each Santa following clothing lines, beards,skates and the like!

I was pleased with the outcome and here it is - complete!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day Project

Despite the fact that I have many irons in the fire up in the sewing room, Thanks to Storm Nemo (who knew that Nor'Easters got names - lol), we had very heavy snow the last two days and I was inspired to do some blocks for our Guild. We do Quilts of Valor as our "charity" project and the gal who does it gives out a BOM every month and assigns colors.   She was short on a few so I did quite a few the last two days!! Here is what I have accomplished !!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I thought that I would take time out to show the progress on my Son's Birthday quilt mande from the Bali Brown Sugar Crackers. I have squared the blocks, arranged them and sewed them together. This is what I have so far:

I am pleased with it. This center will finish up at 48" x 56" before the borders. I have already put the 45 degree Piano Border together ready to cut. 

To do this, I took each Bali Pop strip and cut it in half using a 45 degree cut. I then arranged them and sewed them to arrive at this piece:

Once this is stripped into  four inch pieces, it will become the second border!  I still need to purchase a nice brown for the first and third borders to set it all off. All finished I expect it to finish up approximately 70" x 78". This will be a great size for the couch when done!