Saturday, March 16, 2013

Donna's Quilt

The last few days have been intense. My very best friend, Joyce,  from college days came to visit for four days of sewing and quilting.

Another good friend of hers, Donna,  passed away recently having lost her long battle with cancer. Donna had chosen fabric for a thank you quilt some time ago for her daughter, Julie, who had taken her in and cared for her. The fabric and patterned remained in the bag until last Wednesday.

We cut, pressed, sewed, cut some more, sewed some more, and then some more! Suddenly it was pieced. Then it was onto the Voyager to be quilted. Binding was made and sewed on. By Saturday noon it was ready for hand sewing. This was the results:

Although we did not get the hand sewing completed, it is on its way back to Rhode Island for hand sewing, label and delivery!!  I am blessed to be able to help complete this beautiful quilt for a wonderfully sweet generous lady.