Saturday, October 14, 2017

Something Fun for Fall

I have had a pattern for  Log Cabin Pumpkins from Suzanne's Art House for quite a while - maybe three or four years. After I bought it, I began picking up 1/4 yard and 1/2 yard pieces of orange and yellow/orange fabric. I kept adding to the stash until I finally decided to make this.

 my stash

I decided to paper piecing these leaves and pumpkins as I tend to like the preciseness of paper piecing. So, I drew the pumpkins and leaves out in EQ7 and printed out the paper foundations.

printed foundations for paper piecing

What is really nice about using EQ7 is that once you have designed the block you can drop that block into any size block and it will recalculate the rotary cutting directions or print the foundation for paper piecing any size!! Here is the original size and layout - the blocks finished at 9".

as designed - 27" x 36"

However I am contemplating making another using 6" finished blocks either smaller or longer. The options are endless!

6" Blocks - 18" x 18"

6" Blocks - 18" x 30"

The directions were straight forward and the runner was done quickly. I chose a simple edge to edge pumpkin design and quilted this design with orange thread.

off the longarm

I could not decide which fabric to bind this runner with. Meanwhile sitting on my cutting table was a stack of leftover 1 1/2 inch stripes of all the various oranges, so I sewed them all together and made a scrappy binding!


Happy Fall !

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  1. I love your table runner! What a creative idea to use the log cabin concept for the pumpkins. You do such beautiful work! Vanessa