Saturday, September 23, 2017

Back to the grindstone ...

Oh MY!! I can not believe that it has been so long since I posted! While I have not been idle, I have not done a lot. A new machine has joined the sewing room however - A new Avante with ProStitcher!!

I have enjoyed playing with the new machine and someday I will write that I am proficient on the computer that came with it. While it has not been difficult, there is a learning curve there and there are times that I think I know what I am doing ... only to find out that I was SO very wrong (lol).

My first quilt done on the new machine was a BOM from 2011. I did it free hand and was pleased how it came out. Nice stitches, even tension - what more can a gal ask for? I was never sure that I cared for the border but once on the guest bed I have decided that I really like it.

The next one was a Birthday Present for a dear friend. These started as trial blocks and when my friend saw them - she fell in love with them. So a few trial block became a new project. This one was stitched using the computer. I was very pleased with the overall pattern.

Have you ever done a 1600 Quilt and not liked it? Me too! This QoV sat for three years because I disliked it so much. One day I got the brilliant idea to cut into it. I took my 8 x 24 inch ruler and lined the 30 degree line on one of the seams and started to slice. Then I added navy blue sashing. The hardest thing doing the sashing was trying to make sure that the stripes in the 1600 would look straight.  I was very pleased with the result and it has already been sent off.

Till next month - Quilt on!

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