Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just trying to catch up ....

Well it is, as I have always referred to it, leaf peeping season here in New England. The colors have been very pretty but we did not have a quick cold snap to force the colors into the trees all at once. It has been a slow smattering of colors but very enjoyable. We have had a steady stream of visitors wanting to admire the colors.

I have been quilting, however, between company. Some for me and some for my friends. A friend from RI came up to visit and brought a quilt that she had started earlier this month. We decided to add a splash of texture and color to it, picked up some wonderful soft flannel for the back and a wonderful teal blender for the borders. A few weeks later, she came up and we quilted it. This was the results!! She was very happy with it.

I also have been furiously working on a Christmas present for a friend. When I was visiting her last spring, she picked out some great blue and silver metallic fabric at a local quilt store. At the time, there was a guild challenge going on which challenged the members to make a wall hanging using multiple stars. Here were my first stars. The one on the right is a 6" star with a      1 1/2 " paper pieced star in the center.

This star was the first of four 12" stars

So off to the races - I needed to finish more to finish the wall hanging. Stars were made, moved around, more stars made and then moved around again. This is what the final results were

I decided to Stitch in the ditch - which now I wished I had not. The intention was to make to stars POP - and they did - lol - just a bit too much. If I were to do another one, I would quilt it on the long arm.