Monday, July 29, 2013

Syncopated Rhythm - Quilted

I have been actually busy and this is the second post this month!! I did get the quilt done for my DS.

I have to admit that I am very pleased. I was exceedingly pleased with the stitches on the quilt. Obviously, the Voyager is back up and running and it looks as good as when it was "new to me"!!

I found a wonderful teal and brown checked flannel and used that as the backing and bound it with the fabric that I used on Border #1 and Border #3.

As for the quilting, I did a basic meander. My only disappointment is I now wish I had used a medium brown thread rather than the light tan. I chose the light tan because I wanted it to not stand out on the lights of the center - but this is a lesson learned!!  But it is not complete and is off to it's rightful home (only a few months late for his Bday!!).