Friday, July 26, 2013

Variation of a 1600 Quilt

So ... I have been busy. I participated in a guild event last winter. We did 1600 Quilts. I went off to my local Mardens (a discount "joint" is more like it that sells great fabric that is overstocked or overruns) and purchased 1/4 yard pieces of Red White and Blue. I decided early on that I would donate it to QoV.

Well the day came - I sewed ..... I sewed ..... I sewed ............  It was done!! The honest truth? I really HATED it. OK so now it is out.

It sat upstairs in the sewing room since then. I hated it so much that I could not even look at it. Then, I got the glorious idea to slice it up.

I took my long 6" wide ruler placed the 30 degree line at the top and started cutting long diagonal pieces. I next cut 2" navy blue mottled fabric strips and started sewing the quilt back together. This is what I came up with :

It was truly trickier than I had anticipated to sew the strips in. In the first few, the left to right stripes in the upper left did not match (I will eventually rip them out as redo them). I guess I was lazy and thought they would look OK if I just sewed - but that was not so. But as I progressed and I began to pin the strips in place, the visual left to right lines began to line up.

After trimming, I am thinking a small navy border and have already purchased a navy with white stars for the backing. More later on it completion!!