Friday, July 5, 2013

Back on track

Now that my dear husband has fixed the Voyager, I have been attempting to catch up. I have also started some small projects that have been waiting patiently. Lets start with the small projects. Two table Runners - one for the Christmas season on on for the fall - have been started. They need squaring up and one more border each but here is my progress.

This one is from a panel that had a preprinted wall hanging, runner and four leaves. I decided to combine the runner and leaves into this fall runner surounded but gold "Spots and Dots" fabric. I plan to add a small orange/rust border and another small "Spots and Dots" border.

On my ill fated trip to Keepsake quilting recently (I wanted to attend the yearly tent sale and got the weekends mixed up), my sweet husband found this kit in their sale room. I wanted to complete it quickly so that if there were discrepancies in the yardage, I might be able to find more fabric. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fabric in the kit. Ample fabric to complete the project. This will be finished with a small deep red flange and a red printed border

The next project is a small lap quilt that I have played around with .This one currently has no home to go to and has been "almost done" for awhile.

It started with a half yard piece purchased at a Quilt Store that had 24 different celery and salmon colored print squares on it. I matched it up with an odd ball fabric purchased at a yard sale and a cream tone on tone. I was pleased with the outcome and put it on the machine just the other day.

I decided to expand my FMQ with a new to me pattern of swirls and was pleased with the overall quilting. Again I used a cozy flannel on the back. Now, I am now doing the old "Where did I put the fabric for the binding" trick right now. Yes it is some where in that messy sewing room. Guess I will work on more clean up.

Yes, now that the small piece was completed and I was satisfied with the stitches, I once again put my sons Birthday present back on the frame (of course his birthday was 6 months ago - lol). This is the second time it has been there. The first time was disastrous!  That was when I found out the the tension was so bad and that I could not get a consistent stitch. I kept thinking it would get better and did about three passes on the quilt - ALL of which I had to pull out.

So wish me luck! Today is the day the quilt gets quilted!!